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Enterprise Architecture

Today’s business environment is complex and rapidly changing. Introduction of new tools like CRM, ERP, Field Sales Automation, Supply Chain Management, B2B and B2C e-commerce are creating new opportunities as well as new challenges. With the new tools and ever-changing array of technology tools and architectures, an effective strategy to deliver services to the customers efficiently and effectively.

Our team of consultants can review, recommend and implement an enterprise architecture based on open standards, assess the lifetime costs of different types of software assets, evaluate short-term and long-term risks and benefits of build versus buy versus open source, and developing a decision framework for build versus buy versus open source to obtain the best ROI for your business environment.

IT Management

Our teams of consultants work with clients to enable them to provide consistently well performing and available applications to support key business processes. By promoting the use of common information technologies through interoperable systems and standards, we will work with our clients to improve outcomes and reduce costs by improving efficiency. With industry standard policies that are sound and tested, we manage our client's applications and infrastructure as per client needs.

Business Intelligence

As businesses started automating more and more systems, vast amounts of data become available. By building Data warehouse as repositories of these data, Enterprise Application Integration and ETL tools to increase the efficiency of data collection, OLAP tools to analyze the data, our consultants can enable our clients to make more informed business decisions. We act as the enables of competitive advantage for our clients, by designing, developing and implementing state-of-the-art BI solutions that are scalable, efficient and flexible enough to meet possible future needs.

Customer Relationship Management 

In order to maximize profitability, every organization need more than to simply acquire customers, but to retain them (the good ones, of course), and to maximize the profitability of each of these good ones. With CRM Solutions, we help our customers to improve customer acquisition, enhance the “share of wallet” or spend from existing customers, and reduce customer attrition rates. The benefits of CRM are:

  1. Cost savings in the business processes.
  2. Improved revenue and margin yield from customers.
  3. Enhanced customer experience.
  4. Reduced total cost of systems ownership.

With CRM solutions, we enable our clients to switch off legacy systems which are expensive to maintain and difficult to adapt, to automate the support of customer processes that include a company’s sales or service representative, and to analyze customer data for a broad range of purposes.

Program and Project Management 

SageOne offers program and project management services that ensures successful solution delivery across the various project performance factors-human, process, and technology. The methodology facilitates alignment of project objectives with customer requirements, risk mitigation, and quality assurance, and ensures that projects are delivered on-time and within budget. Important elements of our program and project management methodology include focus on maximizing value generation and sustenance, standardized project methodology and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), emphasis on planning and establishing baselines (scope, cost, and schedule), planning through the development of a project execution plan and continuous monitoring and feedback on actual project performance compared to plan, clearly-defined business impact and success criteria/process key performance indicators (KPIs) and program oversight and disciplined execution with a strong emphasis on quality assurance and risk mitigation.

Contract and Acquisition services 

SageOne provides a comprehensive range of contracting support and acquisition management services to facilitate the growth and support operations of our customers.. We provide the expertise and processes to effectively meet the rigorous challenges you face with issues such as policy development, proposal writing, contract management and administration, acquisition planning, and best practices. We offer a suite of proposal support, contract administration, acquisition, and consulting services to help you improve your organization.

Administrative Support 

SageOne provides administrative services that includes document management services such as maintenance of spreadsheets, contracts, schedules, appointments, archiving documents, and correspondence. We process personnel actions and associated purchase requests and perform timekeeping, tracking budgets and expenses and generate reports as directed, collecting, reviewing, and data entry. Our administrative projects promote “paper-less” initiatives and movements toward more environmentally friendly workspaces.

Logistics and Facilities Management 

SageOne offer technical evaluation services of ground systems material management, adjustment documents, issue directives, and other property accountability documents and processes to ensure proper supply discipline and accountability of assets. We identify visibility problem areas, determine required corrective actions, and provide information to the Property Book Officers (PBOs) on the findings of evaluations, reports, and summaries. We have experience in Standard Army Retail Supply System 2A/C (SARSS), Integrated Logistics Analysis Program (ILAP), Web Logistics Integrated Data Base (WEBLIDB), Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE), and other resources for determining property accountability. We provide required recurring reports, data transfers, and other transactions.

Medical Support Services 

Our project support helps to better sustain pre-mobilization medical and dental readiness. We maintain appropriate licensure and credentials, coordinate with service members, perform initial and follow-up interviews to ensure quality of patient care, coordinate treatment plans and all referrals, and ensure proper maintenance of all medical records.

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